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We are currently renovating a house we bought so we are not schedualing any trips this summer, due to the short summer building season here in Interior Alaska. Please check back in the fall.

N.E.W. Flies and AAARFF -
Alaska Arctic Awesome Remote Fly Fishing provides innovative UVA Light Reflective Nuclee-r N.E.W. flies and Alaska fly fishing trips. Come journey decades back into time with remote Alaska fly fishing to areas on the face of the earth with fly fishing seasons so short and so remote no one else dares to go. Come journey to areas as pristine as your grandfather might have visited.  

The Alaskan Arctic is seldom visited, even by lifelong Alaskans who never get to know the real beauty they are missing. Since Alaska is 1/3rd the size of the continental United States it has many diverse areas. Most people will never venture to the arctic because of the short season and costs associated utilizing air taxis required because the vast wilderness area has only one road that transects it.

Like many areas of Alaska the best fishing requires air taxis to take us there and then back again. It might also require 2 other flights or larger plane for the gear and kayaks that make your stay more comfortable with much better fly fishing that other visitors to these remote lakes can not access.  Unlike other areas, the Arctic has avoided the tourist crowds leaving you with truly pristine wilderness to enjoy.  

Unlike most other areas of Alaska, the arctic summer is much drier with clearer skies to enjoy seeing the mountainous scenery, fishing and your whole adventure. Much of the arctic is classified as arid because of so little rain. You get to enjoy these relaxing Alaskan remote adventures as they were decades ago. Bring a good camera as you will likely fill a memory card just on the flight in and out, along during your stay.  

AAARFF takes you to places where large lake trout, char, pike, sheefish and grayling cruise the surface for the short 2-3 months the systems are ice free. In the Arctic the Continental Divide is called the Brooks Range and it crosses above the Arctic Circle about 75 to 175 miles from the Arctic Ocean. These large fish that inhabit these isolated lakes take large flies easily and fight like the hogs they are.  
   One Arctic lake system I will take only 4 fly fishers a year to is controlled by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that strives to protect it from the treble hook crowd and even the fly fishers who routinely harm large fish by hauling them out of the water for "trophy" pictures. We are the only approved Alaska fishing Outfitter that ever has been allowed into these lakes deep in the Artci National Wildlife Refuge. The reason for this is my commitment to help preserve these fish that take well over 40 years to get to the large trophy size they attain. ADF&G will likely make this a barbless area with no fish allowed to be taken out for photos, as they have in other areas.

Many anglers either do not know this can lead to up to a 40% mortality rate from depriving the fish of air while it has dangerous levels of acid built up from the struggle it just underwent. Others that have read the studies seem to not believe them or care just so they can show their trophy they released, yet might not live through the night.

The southern side of the Brooks Range sees the ice go out beginning in June and those lakes in the the Gates of the Arctic National Park and the largest 4,913 acre alpine lakes in the middle of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge nestled in the Brooks Range stay iced over until early July. Since the surface water doesn't have time to warm the huge large cold loving fighters constantly travel the drop offs and one can catch many fish, often in the 20-30+ pound range with a floating fly line.

As the warm summer days arrive the huge lake trout, pike and char that have spent 9-10 months locked under 5+ feet of ice feeding on smaller fish, growing even bigger, cruise along the surface looking to fill their stomachs with small fish. They will eagerly take large reflective streamers, cast from our quality kayaks or simply drifting behind the kayak as you drink in the beauty all around you. I have worked for decades to develope reflective new flies that are great attractors in silty and murky waters, so you can imagine how far these holographic Nuclee-r flies will flash in the clear waters of alpine lakes for the fish to see.
   When the ice melts off and everything is green with the short summer, it's hard to imagine that within 1.5 - 2.5 months the snow will start to fall and the lake again ice over letting the decades old monsters hide from the very, very few inclinded to travel decades back in time to experience the best fishing in the world.  Areas we go to are often so remote you will never even hear a plane fly over the entire week of your stay. 
When I first moved to Alaska in 1991, it was to Juneau. My occupation took allowed me to fish & hunt from Ketchikan to Sitka targeting everything from sea run cutthroat and dollie varden char, steelhead, 5 species of salmon in both inland streams, lakes and salt chucks to remote lagoons, shorelines, stream mouths and even along kelp beds for the feeder kings and silvers that would fill on herring before entering streams. And of course halibut.

Our kayak fly fishing schools are timed for two best times of the year to be close to coastal Alaska, and that is when the salmon are flooding in. These will teach you everything you need to know to create fantastic vacations anywhere from Ketchikan to out in the Alutian Islands.

These start with tying lessons with my NEW FTM so you can learn how easy it is to use and how heat activation turns it iridescent while leaving some of the highly reflective UVA light reflecting qualities. We then travel down over the Alaska Range to Valdez where we take a water taxi to Shoupe Glacier for a few days. Here I show you the best inflatable types of kayaks to travel and fly fish with and of course some viewing of the glacier.
I will have plenty of my new flies for you to use on these trips.

   I will then show you how to approach coastal salmon fly fishing that you will be able to use anywhere across Alaska. This will also will enlighten you how to fly fish anywhere in the world with a kayak that packs down to the size of a suitcase. I might have a few things to show as I have fished for close to 5 decades first 3 of those in the lower 48 States, guided on one of the world's premier trophy brown trout streams.

I have learned to adapt many types of fishing to new fishing flies, including my flies that use my own new fly tying materials that are often as reflective as lures to dramatically increase time fighting fish, rather than casting over and over to attract hestant fish.  

Both of these Coastal trips finish with a halibut charter id you desire, as no journey to the Alaska coast is complete without a chance to hook a "barn door". You will have fish to take home or you can donate to the food bank.

We also have scheduled others trips for rainbow trout and silver salmon, pike, lake trout and char, lake trout and char likely providing the widest range of Alaska fly fishing  trips available. You  can find out more about these trips, dates and prices at

AAARFF's 2012 Fly Fishing Trips. You can also look for some special deals on our fly fishing trips we offer this season at Specials  .

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You will find some of the finest crafted new flies and tube flies that can be found and tied in America. All are tied on chemically sharpened hooks chosen especially for the intended species. (See the fine quality of these flies in NEW PRODUCT VIDEOS with up close details) - Tandem hooked, floating minnow heads and others coming soon.

I design my smoking hot Polaris Flies for my own fishing with highly reflective nuclee-r Emission Wing fly tying materials  that I created myself so that I can achieve fish attracting flies, jigs and soft lures that are more durable, brilliantly flashy and light reflective. I have always enjoyed fishing when the big fish are moving in low light rainy days, at dawn and dusk and these work great even then.

I learned along time ago that natural fly tying materials absorb available light. Even the slightest reflection of starlight or moonlight 4-5 feet deep will draw vicious strikes from large hungry fish that are often searching for 6-12 inch fish to fill their bellies. Yet often they will suck in a highly reflective size 12-10 streamer, especially the extra large grayling of the Arctic. 
   Since 1985 when I first walked into Wapsi Fly (the world's largest fly tying material manufacturer) as a custom tier supplying shops along the White and Norfork Rivers. I have spent over 20 years researching sources of new fly tying materials of my own creation. Some of my suppliers are also used by Wapsi Fly, Hareline Dubbin, Spirit River and others buy their bulk products from. My other sources are searched out from places they likely have never heard off.

I learned along time ago that natural fly tying materials absorb available light. Even the slightest reflection of starlight or moonlight 4-5 feet deep will draw vicious strikes from large hungry fish that are often searching for 4-12 inch fish to fill their bellies. Fish can't eat what they don't see! Or feel with their sensitive laterial lines. Larger streamers move more water so fish CAN FEEL the LARGER MEAL!

We are your Sole Source for NEW FLIES (Nuclee-r Emission Wing) & NEW FTM (Fly Tying Materials Patent Pending that are heat activated iridescent UVA light reflecting products. No other fly tying material in the world produces flies that are as flashy as NEW FLIES tied with NEW FLY Tying Materials and Polaris Flies other highly reflective materials.

The Patent Pending process turns these materials iridescent and U.V.A. light reflecting that attracts fish from a much greater distance, even in murky and glacial waters. I design my materials to make them THE MOST light REFLECTIVE anyone could desire TO GET YOUR FLY SEEN!

The FLY SHOP of Polaris Flies - Quality Fishing Flies and Fly Tying Materials for Quality Fly Fishing

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